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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia and Dynapack Asia acknowledge that there’s a missing piece to complete our nation’s vision for the world of tomorrow. Thus, as the world progresses into the future, we initiate an action to increase sustainability and collective responsibility in nurturing the environment.
Amandina Bumi Nusantara

Our initiative begins with the founding of Amandina Bumi Nusantara as our response to the challenges we face as one society as we approach the future. We realize that there's an immediate need to develop a recycling industry to grow and deliver sustainable returns that are beneficial for both the people & the environment. Our commitment lies in tackling Indonesia's ever-growing PET bottle waste issue through plastic waste reduction and waste recycling through this initiative Therefore, we dedicate our effort to embracing a leader's role, leading through example as we materialize our vision through specific & practical actions, and building partnerships to grow and deliver sustainable returns.

Amandina Bumi Nusantara

Amandina Bumi Nusantara Philosophy

We strive to create an ethical supply of r-PET feedstock material at feasible prices and carry out the transformation of the larger society

Our initiative begins by providing an economical solution for scavengers and helping to preserve the environment through effective waste collection management & recycling.
Amandina Bumi Nusantara

Our Vision & Mision

As we took on the mantle of leadership of Indonesia’s recycling industry, we put our sights on the challenges ahead by executing an actionable plan that grows and delivers sustainable returns.

Our Vision:

Becoming Indonesia's largest food contact approved recycled PET materials producer in the next 10 years

Our Mission:

Providing solution for the people and government of Indonesia in managing and improving plastic waste management


Collaborate with plastic packaging customers in providing food-contact safe recycled material

Waste Collection:

Collaborate with Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation in the collection stream will help to improve the quantity and quality of the plastic waste collection and ensure a reliable and ethical feedstock source

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