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Recycled PET Pellets are small pieces of plastic produced through a process called pelletizing. In this process, plastic waste is cleaned, sorted, then ground into small particles, then melted and formed into pellets. These pellets are often used as raw material for making new plastic products, such as packaging materials, bottles and containers. Recycled plastic pellets are generally made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene (PP).

It is important to continue to look for ways to reduce waste and recycle the materials used in our production processes. One of the best ways to reuse plastic waste is through the process of making plastic pellets. An increasingly popular process, High Quality recycled plastic Pellets provide a variety of benefits to factories around the world.

What are Plastic Pellets?

Making plastic pellets is a process of converting used plastic into clean raw materials that can be used. Plastic manufacturing companies can reuse these plastic pellets for a variety of applications, creating a closed recycling process. There are various benefits of establishing a plastic pellet recycling system for businesses.

Making plastic pellets is one of the best ways to reuse and reuse plastic scraps that are produced with high quality from factories. By collaborating with plastic pellet companies, plastic producers can not only reduce the costs of raw materials but also increase environmentally friendly initiatives.

The price of transparent PET plastic waste is much higher than colored PET plastic. The price of transparent PET plastic waste is sold in the range of IDR 3,500 – IDR 4,500/kg per kilogram. Meanwhile, colored PET is in the price range of IDR 1,800 – IDR 2,200/kg. When processed, the Recycling Plastic Pellets Price is in the range of IDR 8,000 – IDR 12,500/kg.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic Pellets

There are many benefits from making plastic pellets. Perhaps the biggest benefit of making plastic pellets is that it significantly reduces the waste produced by plastic factories. This plastic waste material will most likely end up in a landfill and has no hope of being reused.

By recycling plastic waste through the process of making plastic pellets, companies can improve their environmentally friendly initiatives as well as the world in which we live. However, one of the most impressive Benefits of Recycled Plastic Pellets is the reduction in raw material costs.

Plastic waste recycling companies purchase used materials through manufacturers, thereby offsetting their raw material costs from the start. However, many plastic pellet manufacturing companies sell their recycled materials at significant discounts.

By purchasing Recycled PET Pellets (rPET Pellets) from plastic waste recycling companies, producers can get high quality materials at a cheaper cost. This process is known to be a closed recycling process and is very beneficial for all parties involved.

Recycled Plastic Pellets Supplier and Manufacturer

Now you can find many Recycled Plastic Pellets Suppliers and Manufacturers offering various types of the best products. But of course, don’t make the wrong choice if you don’t want to experience losses.

Pay close attention to the supplier you choose, both in terms of quality and price offer. Amandina Bumi Nusantara, for example, is one of the best producers of plastic products in Indonesia.

As a well-known plastic pellet producer, Amandina Bumi Nusantara certainly has many advantages, making it the main choice for customers. Here are some advantages that make it the best choice:

Good quality

This advantage can be seen from how thorough the process of selecting high quality raw materials is. Of course, by relying on premium materials, you have a guarantee that production can be maximized. So it can meet the highest quality standards in an industry. It is not surprising because this commitment makes this plastic pellet producer always chosen by the public.

Many grades of pellets

Choosing a quality recycled plastic pellet manufacturer can certainly get many types and grades of the pellets themselves. There are many types of plastic produced based on consumer demand.

The large number of choices will help consumers freely determine which ones they need based on their needs. Of course, Amandina Bumi Nusantara can adjust its product specifications to suit customers.

Modern technology

Because it is a well-known manufacturer, of course it can be a pioneer when using innovative modern technology in its production. Moreover, it is complete with adequate and sophisticated equipment.

Not only does it provide increased production efficiency, but quality assurance is also good. Moreover, the equipment is updated and can adapt to developments over time.

Professional service

Becoming a well-known recycled plastic pellet producer does not only show the quality of its production. However, the service provided to customers is also professional.

Having a team of experts in their fields can help you to get service quickly and precisely. Communication that is established is very good, thus providing satisfaction to customers.

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